Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kiss You And Whisper

If the sun decides to no longer shine
It's OK, cause I won't whine
I have the beauty within Your face
Lighting My world with Your glowing grace

If the Bird's stop singing their songs
It's OK, cause nothing's wrong
I have the beauty of Your soft voice
Causing My heart to totally rejoice

If this old world becomes too cold
It's OK, cause I have You to hold
I'll run to You with My warm embrace
As I kiss Your pretty face

If the stars don't shine at night
It's OK, cause its all right
I have the love glow in Your eyes
My sweet Woman, You're My prize

If there is no more air to breathe
It's OK, we'll be Together to leave
I'll take My last breath holding You
Kiss You And Whisper, I Love You!!!!!