Friday, November 14, 2008

Romantic Gestures

Romantic gestures
of candy and poems,
cannot be measured . . .
like calls on the phone.

Starlight and candles,
sweet wine and roses . . .
holding 'love handles'
in pictures of poses.

Words of love linger
on lips soft and kind . . .
feel not a stinger
in the back of the mind.

Dreams of tomorrow,
days drift away . . .
no heart aches or sorrow
as we live for today.


I see me sitting sadly in the corner
Knees drawn up tightly to my chest.
Mind and body wreaked in sorrow
As tears course down my face.
I pray to a God I don't believe in
Yet I curse him in the same breath.
I look at me with narrowed eyes
Pitying the sorry creature I have become.
I look into my wretched soul
Cursing the emptiness inside.
Emptiness put there by my own stupidity.
As I stand over the huddling form of myself
I see I have gotten what I deserved from life.
I had no right to the beautiful love we shared
When the love rightfully belonged to her.
Sadly I watch the shell of myself slowly cracking
Oozing out all the pain and misery within my soul.
There on top of all the shattered pieces
Lay my beating heart, all alone.
I gently pick it up and place it where it belongs.
May it rest in peace forever.


A star hits and fades
As love soon does in my heart
Another then another
I toss them aside
They go back to their computers and video games
I find that I'm always second to a machine
They buzz and whiz and swirl
They don't give the love that I do or can
I am still alone with that urge to kill the machine

Let it stop and have time for them to know me
And me know them
I am still here
All alone
No one to love
No one to love me the way that I love in return
Spend a lifetime to compete with a machine
Spend a lifetime with ones who don't love me

I think that I'd rather just be alone

Painful Love.........

Watching you from across the room
sends searing pain through my heart.
I think back to a year ago,
when I thought we'd never part.
My love for you just won't die down -
it just grows with each new day.
I wish you'd dare to look at me
and hear what I have to say;
"I love you and I want you back - "
but these words you just won't hear.
You don't seem to remember them -
all the memories I hold dear.
You were my first kiss, my first love
and now you don't even care.
How could you just blow it away?
We were the perfect pair.
you seem content to let me go -
You're doing fine as you are,
while I'm still missing how we were.
We had the best love by far.

Missing You.......

My heart aches within from missing you,
My lips long for the feel of kissing you,
Right now all I need is to gently touch your skin,
To look into your eyes and see deep within,
Just one warm embrace,
Just to look upon your face,
Just one little touch,
From the one I love so much,
If I could gaze upon your smile,
For just a little while,
To know that you miss me too,
As I'm thinking of you,
To hear the sound of you breathe,
Knowing you'll never leave,
To see you walk up to me,
Then embrace you tenderly,
To just be with the one who's sent my heart reeling,
And brought about this downpour of emotion and feeling,
I sit here alone in my office tonight,
And pray that somehow this all turns out right,
I've never been one to do more taking than giving,
I'm not well off but I work hard for a living,
I've told you many thoughts that weren't borrowed or bought,
And in lifetime, who would have thought,
That I have found someone who was just meant for me,
I can't explain the magic or why this should be,
But there is one thing that I know for certain,
That this just ain't over till one of us draws the final curtain,
For I've seen an angel and I want you to know,
If it's my choice to make, I'll never let you go,
Don't know what life holds, maybe there's no reason or rhyme,
To think you may be mine in a matter of time,
And though I cannot touch you and we are now apart,
My Love, you do dwell, so deep within my heart

This Kiss

we stood in the doorway
his hands on my waist
the clock tickling loudly
almost in haste

he moved in closer
his eyes locked in mine
I long for his kiss
For just a moment in time

his lips meet mine
and I feel the sensation
no longer must I wait
to give into the sweet temptation

my knees go weak
my palms become sweaty
I go back to that place
I have been so many times already

the world disappears
all that's left is him and I
and as we pull away
I feel as though I could fly

Why am I still in love with you?

You broke my heart,
you made me cry,
so why,
why don't i want to say goodbye?

You told me lies
and now you don't even care,
so why,
why do i still care?

You used me,
and betrayed my trust,
so why,
why don't i hate you so much?

It was a year ago
when i knew with all my heart that you loved me,
so why,
why did you do these things to me?

And why,
why am i still in love with you?

I Miss You So...

Sitting here so alone…
The miles continue to torture me.
Time does nothing but lengthen and stretch out endlessly.
I am missing you something fierce,
And I can't make the pain go away.

To not think of you makes me go mad,
But too many daydreams of your body next to mine
Makes me crazier still.
And I can't calm my heart down.
All it wants is you.

My mind's eye can only see your face,
The way you gently smile, the way you look at me.
Out of the millions of things I view each day,
Nothing even comes close
To being as beautiful as you, my dear…

How I wonder at your heart,
How I sit in wonder of the wonderful love we've found,
How I dream of our days to come,
When all this time and space are nothing
But a memory we will brag about when we speak of our life together.

My arms ache to hold you,
My lips want nothing but to cover you in kisses.
The power of this longing is sometimes overwhelming,
But completely amazing in every way.
Never has my heart craved another quite so much.

Missing you may never get easier,
But I see more and more each day how much you're worth,
Every lonely tear I cry,
And suddenly I'm not so lonely…
Because everywhere I am, no matter how far apart we are,
I feel you here with me.

But even with you embedded in my heart and soul,
Even with the faith, the promises…
I know
As my fingers reach out to touch you and come up empty…
This is the hardest thing I've ever been through.

I miss you like crazy…

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I thought of you........

I thought of you today,
as I heard the whisper of the wind
in the rustling of autumn leaves,
swirling, dancing and painting
the earth in carpets of red and gold.

I thought of you today,
as I saw the slow, moving V of geese
noisily announcing their journey south,
dragging winter behind them.

I thought of you today,
as I felt the tears of gray skies,
and the cold wind steal
the last trace of Indian-summer breath.

I thought of you today;
the promise of spring to come,
and I smiled.

YOU KISSED ME.........

You kissed me! My head drooped low on your breast
With a feeling of shelter and infinite rest,
While the holy emotions my tongue dared not speak,
Flashed up as in flame, from my heart to my cheek;
Your arms held me fast; oh! your arms were so bold --
Heart beat against heart in their passionate fold.
Your glances seemed drawing my soul through mine eyes,
As the sun draws the mist form the sea to the skies.
Your lips clung to mine till I prayed in my bliss
They might never unclasp from the rapturous kiss........

Missing You.......

I'm missing you like crazy
I think I'm going mad
I simply can't stop thinking
of the special times we had.

Each moment lasts an hour
Each hour lasts a day
The clock is ticking slowly
Just because you went away.

I need you here beside me
I just want to see your face
To feel your precious heartbeat
And be lost in your embrace.

I gaze out of the window
And look up at the moon
I play the waiting Game
And pray you'll be here soon.

They say hope springs eternal
Well I only hope it's true
For I can't bare the emptiness
That comes from missing you.

A Gorgeous Pleasant Sueprise......

You came into my life so quick,
A gorgeous pleasant surprise,
I hoped you wouldn't give me the flick,
Then, a beautiful friendship did arise.
Our bond was so very strong,
It couldn't help but turn into love,
We wondered if going further was wrong,
But we fit each other like a glove.

It feels so right to be so near,
To feel like we are but one,
Sometimes our love is worth a tear,
Those tears of joy, I'm sure there are more to come

It really is love, my baby,
The longing for one anothers lips,
You are my beautiful young lady,
I know it as we dance with my hands upon your hips.

Sweet Love Poem..........

I search for you every chance I get,
I always long to see your face.

If I could touch your lips with mine,
The thought of this is so divine.

I want to feel you, touch, and kiss,
send you into a heavenly bliss,
I want you, need you, love you.

Love Of My Life....

What I want most in my life,
Is to be your loving and caring wife.
To look into each other's eyes,
As we lay beneath the skies.
The warm sun, blue skies, and the gentle breeze
Makes me feel weak in the knees!
I want to be with my best friend,
So, we can grow old together -- till the end.

காதலே ...என் காதலே...

தீர்க்கமாய் மறுக்கிறாய் நீ
தாபமாய் தவிக்கறது மனது...

நீ சொல்லாமலே இருந்துவிடு
நீ என்னைக்காதலிக்கிறாய் என்ற
நினைப்பிலேயே இருந்துவிடுகிறேன்
நீ சொல்லாமலே இரு....

ஆம் அல்லது இல்லை
என்பதை விட-உன்
மெளனம் அழகாய் சொல்கிறது
உன் காதலை.....

வானம் நீர் தெளிக்க
காகங்கள் பூபாளமிசைக்க
நீ கோலமிட்டுக்கொண்டிருந்தாய்-
என் கவிதை காட்சியாக்கப்பட்டது....

நீ சொல்லாவிட்டாலும்
ஊர் சொல்லும் நம் காதலை....

என் கனவுக்குள் நீ
உன் கண்களுக்குள் நான்
நம் நடுவே காதல்
யாருக்கும் புலப்படாமல்-
பூவுக்குள் நுழையும் காற்றுபோல்.....

காற்று இசையமைக்க
பறவைகள் பாட்டிசைக்க
மென்தூரலில் நாம் மரமொதுங்க...
வானவில் பார்த்திருந்த அம் மாலையில்
நீ காதலைச்சொன்னாய்
உலகம் நிசப்தமானது.......

நீ பூக்களை காதலி்த்துக் கொண்டிருக்கலாம்....

உன் கொலுசுகள்
முத்தமிட்டால் கூட

மேகங்கள் நிலவைக் கடக்கும்போதெல்லாம்
நீ என் நினைவுகளைக் கடக்கிறாய்...

நீ உன் வீட்டில் வீழ்ந்து கிடக்கும் மலர்களை பொறுக்குகிறாய்
என் மனமெல்லாம் வாசனைகள்

உயிருக்குள் ஊடுருவுகிறது உன்
சிரிப்பொலி-மரணம்வரை பத்திரமாய் வைத்திருப்பேன்

நான் மர நிழலில் ஒதுங்கும்போது
நீ மரக்கன்றுகள் நட்டுக் கொண்டிருக்கிறாய்
ஓர் மழையிலோ ஓர் வெயிலிலோ மீண்டும் ஒதுங்குவேன்
அப்போது நீ பூக்களை காதலி்த்துக் கொண்டிருக்கலாம்....

உலகில் காற்றும் நீரும் தீர்ந்தபின்னும்
உயிர்வாழ்வேன் உன் நினைவுகளை

கனவுகள் சுகமானவை-வரும்
எல்லா கனவுகளிலும் நீ
பூங்கொத்தோடு என்னைக் கடக்கிறாய்
சிறுகுழந்தையாய் சிரித்திருக்கிறேன்- நான்...

I w'll stil see you........

I wish my eyes could speak
what my heart feels for you
cause my lips can lie on what is true..
my eyes couldn't cause even if
I dose them
I could still see you.........