Friday, November 14, 2008

I Miss You So...

Sitting here so alone…
The miles continue to torture me.
Time does nothing but lengthen and stretch out endlessly.
I am missing you something fierce,
And I can't make the pain go away.

To not think of you makes me go mad,
But too many daydreams of your body next to mine
Makes me crazier still.
And I can't calm my heart down.
All it wants is you.

My mind's eye can only see your face,
The way you gently smile, the way you look at me.
Out of the millions of things I view each day,
Nothing even comes close
To being as beautiful as you, my dear…

How I wonder at your heart,
How I sit in wonder of the wonderful love we've found,
How I dream of our days to come,
When all this time and space are nothing
But a memory we will brag about when we speak of our life together.

My arms ache to hold you,
My lips want nothing but to cover you in kisses.
The power of this longing is sometimes overwhelming,
But completely amazing in every way.
Never has my heart craved another quite so much.

Missing you may never get easier,
But I see more and more each day how much you're worth,
Every lonely tear I cry,
And suddenly I'm not so lonely…
Because everywhere I am, no matter how far apart we are,
I feel you here with me.

But even with you embedded in my heart and soul,
Even with the faith, the promises…
I know
As my fingers reach out to touch you and come up empty…
This is the hardest thing I've ever been through.

I miss you like crazy…

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